Transaid cycle Malawi blog entry #3
Three weeks to go

The preparations for the 500 km Transaid cycle Malawi charity mountain bike ride continues

I have met all my training goals so far and we are now into the ‘lets-not-just-survive-but-build-up- enough-strength-to-have-fun-phase’.

On the logistics front - Transaid is a logistic charity after all so we must mention the logistics 😉

Visa is now in progress, all other paperwork done. Vaccination check done. Flights & accommodation sorted. Jerseys goes to the printer tomorrow to get the sponsors on display. Equipment lists prepared, still need few bits but almost there. All good.

I am bringing my own handlebar ends and pedals. The latter has been a big debate amongst the 41 people participating - to click or not to click. Using the click pedals means you have 30-50% more power when you need it and a smoother ride, on the other hand you are locked in and for some riders that is a daunting thought. There is also the fact that we will be riding on sandy roads & trails and some people are afraid of getting sand in the works. I am going for it though, with modern mountain bike shoes in which you can ride, walk and even run in a pinch I am feeling quite comfortable with my choice.

Also on the equipment list is our latest purchase: a headcam, to put onto my helmet. I am going to take it with me on a couple of the last training rides and I will be using it in Malawi too to give a view into the challenges we meet.

The outlook remains: Hard work but fun and for a great purpose.

Check out Transaid here: and if you feel like sponsoring them through me you can do so here: 100% of your contribution goes straight to Transaid.

My thankyou to all the people, and the companies, that already have sponsored. Thank you for reading and for all the support.


Transaid cycle Malawi blog entry #2
July 2022