Training as a business differentiator

We believe that your staff should be a major differentiating factor between you and your competitors. We will provide them with the highest quality business focused training program to ensure they are among the most professional and competent in our industry and make sure both Superusers and Technical teams become self-sufficient.

We believe training should form a significant part of your both your CargoWise implementation plan and your ongoing operational development plans, both in time and investment.

We will help you tailor a training programme to suit your business needs.

Please find more about the default training matrix, and our capability for tailoring them for you below.

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Problems Solved Portfolio

Benefits Driven Programmes

or BDP for short - is a Problems Solved Unique Selling Point (USP) The concept is extremely simple: Rather than measuring progress on our programmes by deliverables, as everyone else does, we go straight for the goal and measure ourselves on benefits achieved

End to End Cargo Management

It is vital to have a well-implemented, high-quality logistics platform underpinning your business to secure ongoing, sustainable success. It is here that effective processes are embedded, efficient communications flow and the foundations for good e-commerce
lie. Most importantly, it is here that your evolved workflow makes its maximum impact.

Flexible, Scalable Warehouse Management

Problems Solved are proud to be a Microlistics Business Partner. With implementations already completed in the UK and EU we are ready willing and able to help your business prosper and evolve. 

Going Green 3.0

Problems Solved’s Going Green solution can be implemented with any operating system, but our extensive experience of implementing the solution for CargoWise users means that we can deliver a fully integrated and automated solution in double-quick time (as little as 3 weeks from project commencement).

Competing in the "New Normal" world

Are you making the most of the opportunity presented by our rapidly changing world? Even without the immediate impact of COVID-19 and BREXIT changes, the last few years have seen organisations under increasing pressure to modernise their ways of working to enable them to compete effectively in the 21st Century. Not only can  Problems Solved  help you survive, but we can also help you grow .  

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Problems Solved advice on programmes
No two organisations have exactly the same needs and our approach  will be tailored to each client's needs at any given time.

A series of advice from Problems Solved...  

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Problems Solved at Work

We are often asked “so what do you actually do?”, it’s not a bad question as it can be hard to get your head around what a consultancy like ours do when it comes down to reality. It does not get easier when we explain that what we do is always different for each client!

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Going Green

Managing and monitoring environmental performance is an increasingly important issue for modern logistics and transport companies. Whether managing your own environmental footprint, or helping your customers make better environmental choices in their transport routings, the capture and analysis of meaningful data is essential.

Working in partnership with Turnkey Group and Carboncare,  two of the world’s leading sustainability software providers, Problems Solved can help you improve this, integrating monitoring and data collection activities with your day-to-day processes and software for maximum ease and efficiency.

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Problems Solved are proud to support Transaid

I cannot believe it’s been exactly 1 month since we left for Malawi, it’s been a whirlwind for me ever since we returned so maybe that is why it still feels like yesterday even if the pain in the legs and knees is now finally gone. 

Here’s a look back at my experience at Transaid Cycle Malawi 2022, written as a diary while we were there.

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