The Company’s two founding members have over 30 years experience in Logistics and more than 40 years in Business Change. 

During this time, they have seen first hand what makes the industry tick and have come to the conclusion that the writing is on the wall for the traditional forwarding industry. The whole sector is entering a revolutionary period and needs a radical shake-up, where only those companies willing to adapt and change will survive.

The Company name - Problems Solved – has been chosen as it describes exactly what we do. We solve the tough business problems. While other companies shy away from these, we actually relish the problems at hand and thrive on solving them.

Experience and gravitas

.Today we are a rapid-growth consultancy spreading our wings across Europe and increasingly around the world. Our hand-picked teams stand out from the crowd, not because of the logo on their clothes or the branding of their material, but rather from their gravitas. Customers appreciate the value of their input and the fact that these individuals have ‘been around the block’ many times. Together we provide fresh, modern thinking that is underpinned by a wealth of knowledge and experience of both the Logistics and Supply Chain industry, as well as how to manage business change.

Our Approach

Our approach to business is a little different. We come offering tangible, bottom line benefits, making these quantifiable from the outset, throughout the engagement and after we are gone. With Problems Solved, getting full return on investment is not simply a concept but is a standard mode of operating. 

We help create efficient, productive and most importantly, profitable businesses, implementing ‘new normal’ protocols to provide you with new ways of managing your people in sustainable and commercially viable setups.
We believe that CargoWise is the best core logistic platform available today and the best way of providing technology to underpin the modern logistic and supply chain. As a result, we have CargoWise experts, on hand to make the platform work for our customers.

In addition, we draw upon our extensive experience of eCommerce and how it is used within ground-breaking companies across numerous industries. This enables us to make ideas and tools work in the Logistics arena, giving our customers the chance to take a leap ahead of the competition.

As Logistics & Change professionals, we use our expertise to help our customers capitalise on their expertise; creating modern 21st Century, customer-centric services that help them secure their short and long term success.