Transaid cycle Malawi blog entry #4



To our sponsors

MSC, NICE, Turnkey, CEN Global Microlistics, CHANGE IT,  NS24.

For their fabulous support in getting us a long way towards our target.

Listen to your body! 

So it’s only 1 week to go before the 500 km Transaid cycle Malawi charity mountain bike ride and yesterday was the last “full” training ride. Walking out to the shed to get the bike I thought to myself “you are only doing 80km” (50 miles) and then it hit me – 80km is now considered routine, boy have I come a long way since 8km was a good days training 4 months ago…

Yesterday turned out to be a dangerous day though. Not only was my mindset “it’s only 80km” but I had a few frustrations to work out and my legs were feeling the best they have since I started the training in spring. So I went faster and faster, going higher gears, Higher gears, HIGHER GEARS… until I realised that the little voice, I was hearing in the back of my head was actually my old arthritic knees screaming at me “WHAT ARE YOU DOING YOU IDIOT!”. Then I slowed down, and geared down 2-3 clicks, but the damage was done for good and bad. I did the 80km almost 20 minutes faster than I have ever done before on a mountain bike, and my knees were not happy afterwards.

Today I am paying the price by having to take a day off to take care of the knees. It just goes to show that even now keeping the balance between build up and not overdoing it is still very much a thing.

This is going to be a transition week, other than the enforced day off today, I will do 5-10 miles per day each day this week, not training per see but just keeping the legs ticking over ready for the real thing next week.

My jersey arrived at the end of last week and all the corporate sponsors are now sorted, you can see them all on the picture here above. Thank you to all my sponsors for all the contributions so far – and for anyone who feels like joining in by sponsoring my efforts and support Transaid (100% goes to them) please follow this link:

 Freddy Rasmussen is fundraising for Transaid (

I will post another blog in a couple days with more on the preparations.



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