​Training as a business differentiator

We believe that your staff should be a major differentiating factor between you and your competitors. We will provide them with the highest quality business focused training program to ensure they are among the most professional and competent in our industry and make sure both Superusers and Technical teams become self-sufficient.

We believe training should form a significant part of your both your CargoWise implementation plan and your ongoing operational development plans, both in time and investment.

We will help you tailor a training programme to suit your business needs.

Please find more about the default training matrix, and our capability for tailoring them for you below.

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Building sustainable excellence

Facing today’s ever-evolving business environment, our training team’s goal is to bring operational excellence to your organization, leaving your staff with a strong understanding of how to get the best from your (new) systems and your organisation self-sufficient for the future.

We like to build a full in-house team and process for Go Live training, but also beyond this for “business as usual”, embedding ongoing training as element of your company culture.


Problems Solved aim to provide an engaging and relevant training program which will enable your staff to be the best.  We expect your staff to develop the knowledge and skills to achieve their professional goals, and improve the productivity, data quality and service delivery of your organization.

Create well-trained and motivated team members, laying the foundation for sustainable operational excellence.

Training Structure

Contents and layout

Our training matrix catalogs the full range of inbound logistics, warehousing, inventory management, and outbound logistics training modules available. These are organized by core knowledge areas to enable easy review and selection.

List of available training modules by category

The current categories cover:


Modules like General Ledger, Payables, Receivables etc.


Modules for Air Freight, Ocean Freight, Transport Bookings etc.


Modules on Quotes, Quotations, and Customer Management.


Cross-functional modules like Core Platform, E-Documents, Workflow.

To view the courses available click the department below and click the course you are interested in to see the lesson plan. 

Delivery Modes

Virtual Instructor-Led

An expert facilitator leads participants through content together in a virtual classroom via scheduled webcasts in a collaborative learning environment with chat and video options.


Instructor on-site at company location working through materials cohesively as a dedicated cohort over successive days with hands-on practice in relevant systems environments.

Overview of Problems Solved Training 

As an official CargoWise partner, we provide specialist support to maximize this leading logistics platform. CargoWise brings together solutions for workflow management, shipping execution, freight forwarding, and customs clearance on a single database. Our consultants’ deep knowledge helps customers utilize the full power of the platform to achieve transparency, control, and competitive advantage.

Approach and Benefits

Our CargoWise training curriculum customization service enables companies to optimize their user enablement based on specific roles, processes, and objectives.

How to book

Your Curriculum, Your Way

We at Problems Solved utilize a collaborative approach to curate a training curriculum uniquely suited to each client’s needs and environment. Our tailored program development process includes:


In-depth discussions with department heads and key stakeholders to comprehend your organization’s structure, objectives, workflows, existing capabilities and problem areas.

Program Design

Leveraging our expertise, we provide guidance on selecting the matrix modules that will build an integrated curriculum to address your needs across roles. As trusted advisors we can recommend combinations for maximum relevance.


Any core materials will be adapted to align terminology, concepts and examples to your actual business processes, systems and data for optimal relevance during delivery. Subject matter can also be oriented to roles.