Digital Logisitcs

Process and control on demand when you need it 

How it started

Once upon a time, a few companies started building websites to showcase their company…
…then a few more started selling things online…

…then a lot of companies began using digital to integrate with their customers and/or suppliers
...then people asserted their need for more and more information, faster and faster

…and now the bar is going up again and people increasingly want to be able to change things up “in-flight” - both ways

Can Your Company Keep Up? Or Even lead The Way To The Next level?

Problems Solved experts
have been working with digital under its many guises since the 1980s. They have
been thought leaders in innovation, while industry after industry has gone
through a digital revolution. 
We helped Marketing companies first in the 80s & 90s; people wanted to see things online and the marketing industry had to adapt – those companies that didn’t adapt, do not exist anymore.  
In the Noughties, it was Publishing we helped as consumers were increasingly finding out detailed knowledge online rather than look in books. People started buying their fiction online too and the publishing industry had to adapt – those companies that did not adapt, do not exist anymore. 
 In the 2010s we were helping high street retailers move their sales increasingly online – and those companies that have not adapted well are dying. 
 Now it’s the turn of Supply Chain, Logistics and Parcel companies – if you cannot provide a good service through Omni-channel - in other words, consistently, in real-time across all channels simultaneously - then you are on your way towards joining the many others that did not make it. 
 Fortunately, we have all you need to help you pass these hurdles.  Contact us for information on how we can help you to formulate and execute a plan that brings your Company to the forefront of the new digital logistics world.