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How to measure and offset your carbon emissions with Going Green 3.0

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Problems Solved are proud to be shortlisted for the Multimodal sustainability company of the year award for our Going Green product. We are also Finalists for Tech Company of the year as well, Good luck to both teams for these awards!!!! 

Manage your Carbon footprint with Going Green 3.0

Key features include:

  • A real-time dashboard of emissions from your logistics activities, enabling in-depth analysis of trends and opportunities and informed decision-making on future movements

  • Emissions data automatically recorded within your operating system against every shipment made

  • Emission compliance reporting at the touch of a button

  • Easy to access carbon offset solutions at both a corporate and individual customer level

A rapid solution for CargoWise users

Problems Solved’s Going Green solution can be implemented with any operating system, but our extensive experience of implementing the solution for CargoWise users means that we can deliver a fully integrated and automated solution in double-quick time (as little as 3 weeks from project commencement).

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Real-time emissions dashboard

Whether reporting to customers, or presenting in-house, the glossy emissions reports and graphics available from the Problems Solved Going Green solution are certain to impress!

  • Fully automated, interactive visibility of all freight emissions

  • Slice and dice emissions information, from any aspect desired

  • Compare and contrast freight modes, review customer data, evaluate suppliers or filter on geographies – all at the touch of a button

  • Real-time on-screen information or downloadable reports

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World Class Data Providers

Our partnerships with Turnkey Group and Carboncare, two of the world’s leading sustainability software providers, ensures that the information used to calculate emissions is the best available.  

The science behind measuring and calculating emissions data is advancing at a rapid rate.  With new legislation on emissions reporting being introduced at a growing pace, and with companies’ willingness to supply data increasing all the time, the availability of quality data is increasing.  Powered by the latest and most accurate information provided by our data partners, the Problems Solved Going Green solution delivers information to the best level of accuracy available today.

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Emissions Offsetting

The Going Green solution provides all the information you need to calculate costs or emissions offsetting.  But Problems Solved have made things even easier!  Through our partnerships with organisations running carbon offsetting projects, we can take away the workload of managing offsetting and help you to simply deliver a value-adding service to your customers.

You and your customers can choose to be actively involved in the choice of projects supported, or you can leave it to us, safe in the knowledge that environmentally responsible choices have been made for you.

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